Welcome to Ace Pest Control

Ace Pest Control Inc. was established in 1938 by Howard E Long Sr. Howard Long ran Ace as a "one-man show" until 1970 when Howard E Long Jr. (Red) took over the business and moved it to the Wawasee area.

Greg Long, 3rd generation and current owner of Ace Pest Control recalls his first experience as a pest controller. " My first job was when I was 12 years old, " says Long. " I could fit into the crawl spaces and Gramps couldn't , so he would send me in there. " That started a lifelong mission for pest control.

Today Ace Pest Control Inc. employees 12 full time technicians and 18 seasonal technicians. Including Greg's sons, making 4 generations. Ace Pest Control Inc is truly a family owned and operated business. It's this lifelong dedication in keeping their customers safe from pests of all types that Ace Pest Control will be here to take care of your family and ensure the safety barrier will always be there.

We will not only do one-time pests treatment, but we can help you make a plan to ensure you are protected from anything that may attack your little piece of the world. We can set up routine treatments and take all the guess work and worry out of your hands and put it in the hands of our licensed and certified technicians that are all specially trained to keep you and your family safe from pests.