Follow up requirements for flea treatments:

Cost $25.00 per room/ $100.00 minimum

  • 1.) Everyone has to be out of the home for a minimum of 4 hours. Unless there is someone in the home who is pregnent or has a breathing problem, they have to be out longer. You will need to check with you doctor to see how long they will require you are out of the home.
  • 2.) You will need to sweep all floors wheather they are carpeted or not as close to the time we are scheduled as possible, priorto treatment. You will want to remove the sweeper bag after sweeping or empty the canister of a bagless sweeper. Place in a trash bag and take out immediately.
  • 3.) All pets have to out of the home for a minimum of 24 hours. We reccommend having them treated at this time for fleas also.
  • 4.) After chemical has dried you need to sweep all the floor areas everyday after treatment for 7-10 days. Wheather yhey have carpet or not they still need to be swept. We recommend you put a flea collar in the sweeper bag or canister to kill any fleas you may sweep up. You do not need to removed the bag after each time after treatment the chemical will kill any fleas you sweep up.
  • 5.) You have to wait 14 days after initial treatment to have any touch-up treatments done.
  • 6.) There is a 4 month warranty on all treated areas.
  • 7.) The entire house needs to be treated in order to have a warranty. We will not treat just certain rooms of the home, that will just push the fleas to a non-treated room.