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What is overwintering???
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Winter Program - Mice Program
Our Winter Service consists of three visits, spaced about every other month. We set and maintain baited RTU's throughout your house to protect your family from mice problems, all winter long. If you have mice and not sure why, ask us about our NEW Rodent Exclusion.

Rodent Exclusion -
This is a rodent preventative, more than removal, it is a quoted service. We work to findout how the rodents are getting into your home and work with you to fix the issues.

Spring Program - Carpenter Ants
We offer preventative carpenter ant control program for customers with past infestations of carpenter ants in their homes. As temperatures warn up in the spring, ants will emerge from exterior nests seeking a food source. Our goal is to preent the foraging carpenter ants from reinfesting your home. The scope of service would involve treatment to the exterior areas of your home including, siding, foundation, adjacent ground cover and eave areas. Other conducive areas such as trees, stumps, storage areas, etc would be inspected and treated on an as needed basis. If a satelitte colony would reinfest your home, additional interior and or exterior applications will be provided at no additional charge.

Summer Program (May - September) -
Our "Summer Time Service" provides exterior control of spiders and wasps to the siding, foundation and adjacent ground cover next to your home. Five applications will be provided starting in the spring and will continue through the season on a 30 to 40 day interval, depending on weather conditions. Our summer treatment is not effective for the control of yellow jacket and hornet nests. An additional service charge would be needed to apply materials for their control.

Fall Program - Ocassional Pests
Asian Ladybug Beetles We receive numerous called each spring on what can be done about Asian Ladybug Beetles. These beetles are oval, pale orange to dark orange, may or may not have spots and were released to provide a natural control for aphids. Most specimens have small, dark "M" marking directly behind the head. The spring season brings numerous complaints from homeowners because these beeltes emerge into the living areas of homes and businesses, sometimes by the thousands. It is very difficult to reduce these spring populations of these beeltes by conventional insecticide treatments. Some pest management companies have reported to vacuuming up the beetles rather than doing a treatment. Ladybug Beetles will not feed indoors. They can bite, but carry no diseases. There is a sollution to the problem. An insecticide treatment in late September to early October will prevent these beetles from entering the structure and overwintering. A through application to the outside surfaces of a structure will kill the beetles before they enter. This approach tends to be more cost effective than trying to seal every single crack in a structure that could allow the passage of these small insects. Selecting a quick-acting long residual pyrethroid product will provide the longest windows of control.

Spider Control -
Are spiders a problem inside your home? We will also treat interior areas during the season for an additional fee of twenty-five ($25.00) per application. Please let us know in advance if you wish this service, so we may schedule it with your exterior.

Goose Control -
Got Geese??? Area infested with Canada Geese may pose health risks for people. their droppings create a mess and geese can quickly destroy a well maintained lawn. Our cost effective seasonal control program offers outstanding product performance, with non-intrusive spray-applied turf formulation. Effective control is maintained without harming humans, vegetaions, wildlife or aquatic life.

Mole control -
Trapping program with the option of "out of sight" traps buried in the active runways or a baiting program with the firls and only bait proved to kill moles. Two options available, please contact our office for more information and pricing. Service runs from spring to winter. Trapping limited to Kosciusko, Elkhart, and Noble counties.

Weed control -
Weed control formulations applied to driveways and perimeter fence lines. Available as a one-time treatment or as a seasonal service with follow-up applications as needed at no additional charge.