Commercial pest management is equally as important as residential but brings in even more factors to be taken into consideration, when building your barrier of protection. 
Keeping pest from employees, from goods and out of the site of customers and clients, is a priority for all commercial property owners. The spaces that need protection are larger, you have more people to protect and those people come to your commercial property, from a number of different backgrounds and may bring “uninvited”, with them.
To protect your image, goods or services, call us: 574-834-2834, we come to your place, inspect it and come up with a custom-tailored program to create the barrier of protection needed to protect your business.

We offer pest control solutions for all commercial needs, including but not limited to:

  • Apartments
  • Assisted living/Retirement
  • Commercial Warehouses
  • Food distribution and processing
  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Other multi-family dwellings

For our commercial customers Ace Pest Control will come to your company and help build the best IPM* for you. We will work with you to help identify the area of your business that need corrective maintence, better overall control, and help identify the best solution and program for your needs. Our experts will help keep your company safe and pest free. 
*IPM- Intergrated Pest Management System We will use staff cooperation, focus on prevention and Education, along with the experience of our certified technicians we will match your company with the best IPM to meet your needs.

One call to ACE PEST CONTROL 574-834-2834  will bring the peace of mind all business owners need.